Free 20 Minute Consultation

The consultation allows time to identify which services would best suit the needs of the client or group seeking services from The Career Society. Please email to schedule a consultation.

Individual & Group Career Coaching

Career coaching is a great resource for individuals or groups that desire to advance their career, change industries or gain entry level employment. You can choose the areas you need the most help in & we can build your career coaching sessions on topics most pertinent to you. It can include career analysis, a resume refresh, identifying soft & hard skills, interview etiquette, salary negotiation, transferrable skills, career development & so much more. This service is ideal if you’re wanting to completely revamp your career!

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Presenter & Public Speaker for Seminars & Workshops

Topics presented are tailored for the group’s specific needs. When inquiring for a seminar or workshop presentation, please include group size, date of event, preferred topics and name & location of organization.


Interview Etiquette

Are you landing the interview but unable to secure the job? If so, this is for YOU!

I can prepare you on how to answer the tough questions and show you how to perfect each and every interview. You’ll have to start turning down job offers because there will be too many! I can educate you on what employers are looking for and how to blow the competition away. I will use my years of experience in management and show you how I decided which candidates I would hire. You’ll learn the top things to do when going on an interview and how to answer difficult questions with confidence. Preparation is a MAJOR component of getting a job offer and I will help you prepare and conquer the interview process!

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Career Analysis

Are you wanting to change careers but don’t know how? Do only have experience in one industry and feel as though you’re stuck?

If so, The Career Society can help! I will help you identify what transferrable skills you possess and how you can utilize them in fields you are interested in. I have worked in marketing, healthcare, mental health, and executive leadership, with a Political Science degree! My education has zero to do with the industries I have worked in. I will show you how to go after what you want, even if you don’t have the necessary experience!

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Résumé Refresh

This service is only available as an add-on to one of our paid services. We believe that a résumé alone cannot get someone their desired results. Oftentimes, we need help with our overall career and not just our résumé. A résumé refresh will revamp the look of your résumé and highlight the skills needed for your desired field. We will tweak, revise and polish your existing résumé so future employers will have a great first impression of your experience and skillset! If this service is desired with a group career coaching session, it will be formatted as a résumé workshop.

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