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Thank you for visiting The Career Society blog! My name is Brooklyne and I'm a young professional, currently working as an Executive Director in the healthcare field. This is my second time being an Executive Director in my twenties. I have an undergrad degree, and that's about it. I didn't go get my Master's or get certified in a particular specialty. I marketed myself with the utmost belief that any company would be lucky to have me.

I started with an intense interest in the general job market. Anytime I would hear a friend or a friend of a friend was looking for a job, I would start researching jobs for them myself! It eventually grew into an obsession and I would start sending jobs to friends that weren't even looking for a job. I would see an ad for a job and start to match people that I thought would be a good fit. One friend eventually told me that she was not interested in changing jobs. It baffled me because I thought I was sending her wonderful jobs that she was qualified for and it would be an advancement. I had to check myself. This obsession was getting out of hand.

I began applying for the jobs myself. I would have a full time job and work several side jobs, just because. I would go on interviews and wouldn't even have the time for an additional job, but, I was obsessed with the thrill of beating out the competition and securing the job. I would never last long working the side jobs because I would eventually get tired of not having any free time. I finally realized that I was into the hunt and mastering the interview process. It wasn't that I loved working several jobs, I just loved getting them! Seems kinda weird, right? I then turned this obsession/interest into helping others who were trying to secure a job. I would meet with a friend at a coffee shop and go over the tough questions an interviewer would ask. She'd go on an interview and call me afterwards and say how spot on I was about particular questions and how confident she was giving the answers we rehearsed. I started a side business where I would edit a person's resume and apply them for jobs. People would tell me they were looking for a job and when I would ask them how many jobs they've applied for, they'd say 4 or 5 last week. My jaw would drop! I'd apply for that many in 10 minutes! I told people they needed to cast a wider net in order to get a job they truly wanted. Once someone would hire me, I'd apply them for 20-30 jobs a day, with pleasure! It didn't seem like work for me at all! I would search on every site imaginable. My client would call me the next day telling me how many employers called and had scheduled interviews with them! I couldn't be happier. I thought I had found my niche. Soon, I began to feel like I had so much MORE to offer people than just editing their resume and hitting 'apply'. I had SO much insight on the entire job search and interview process and I wanted to share it!


My career is unique. I have been in executive management, where I've interviewed and hired several people, from entry level jobs to management positions. I've also been on the other side of the table and have gone on many interviews in various fields and I have been offered about 95% of jobs I interviewed for. I've even had interviewers tell me I could take their job. Once, an interviewer stopped the interview and told me I was overqualified for the position and asked if she could pass my resume along for a higher position. I was onto something! I knew I could take my wealth of knowledge and share my tips and advice to help others exceed and get to the next level in their career. I started looking for jobs in this field. I couldn't find anything that encompassed what I was thinking. I needed a way to show people what was possible. You can work in a different field even if you don't have the mandated experience. You can move up to executive leadership without an advanced degree or a degree at all! You can negotiate a higher salary than the one initially offered. You can create a job that doesn't exist. I know so, because I've done it, and so can you. So, I decided to create The Career Society. I will help you improve upon everything that deals with acquiring a job, and it'll be fun!

If you wish to improve your career in any shape or form, I invite you to join The Career Society. I will share tips on how to advance your career in every aspect. We will go over interview skills, tackling those hard interview questions, interview etiquette, resume refreshers, negotiation skills, how to follow up post interview, how to move up within your company, & SO much more. You can follow The Career Society on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest tips and trends in the job market. I also host seminars and workshops on topics related to careers and job advancement. If you'd like me to come and speak at your next event, please contact me at

Thank you so much for reading. If you have a topic or question you would like addressed, please submit your question via email!


Brooklyne Johnson

Founder & CEO

The Career Society

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