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Top 5 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

Is your phone still not ringing with a job offer? Here are some possible reasons why.

1. You still have an objective on your resume. Objectives are out. Summaries are in. Employers want to see your accomplishments, experience, specialized trainings, accolades, etc. Objectives are outdated and employers prefer to read a summary of your skills. Also, objectives are time consuming. If you're applying for a variety of jobs, you most likely will not want or have time to tailor your objective for each and every job you apply for. A summary of your qualifications is universal and will make your resume appropriate for most jobs you'll be applying for.

2. You have an inappropriate email address. This sounds like high school information but you have no idea how may lizzy123 and hotmama82 email addresses I still receive. Even if it is not overly inappropriate, your email needs to reflect professionalism and not your childhood nickname. Your email should consist of some variation of your name and keep it at that.

3. You don't have any experience in the field you're trying to get in. This is very fixable. If you want to get experience, the easiest way is to volunteer. You can always put volunteer experience on your resume under your 'experience' section. Your resume should start off with a summary of qualifications, followed by experience. Your experience can include your job and volunteer positions. Vice Chair of Dallas Clean Air Committee looks great on a resume. You would still list your experience, accomplishments, duties, etc under this title, just like you would with any other job. Search for committees and organizations in the field you're interested in and start calling and emailing to inquire about volunteer positions. From this platform, you can be on the ground floor to learn about job openings and have a way in since you already have a foot in the door. Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box!

4. You're not following up after an interview. This is old advice but so under-utilized. A thank you email or hand written note are very nice touches for a potential employer. You should thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the position and reasons you'd be a great fit. Keep the email/note brief and make sure you spell their name right!

5. You wear jeans, a low cut top, or any other inappropriate article of clothing. I have had several people drop off resumes for a position and the staff member that brings me the resume will say "no, do not hire her...she had on a low cut shirt with her girls hanging out." It doesn't matter how stellar her resume is because I cannot hire someone that doesn't take the time to put together a professional look. I know people say that they cannot afford to buy new clothes for interviews. I buy several pieces of my business attire from thrift stores and get complimented on them! I usually don't pay more than $3 for a nice blouse. Take the time to have a couple of go-to interview looks because the more professional and put together you look, the better your chances are of securing the job!

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