About Us

Empowering members of the community, to attain viable resources, necessary to become a prominent part, of one's society.

Brooklyne Johnson


I am a passionate career coach dedicated to helping others learn how to advance their career and mindset! I have worked in mental health, marketing and executive leadership. My degree is in Political Science & has absolutely nothing to do with the fields I have worked in. Friends and family began to wonder how I kept getting these jobs in various fields and it started to click that this was not really, well, normal. I have an innate ability to see a career that I want and then make it mine. I found myself spending all of my free time reading job advertisements and sending them to friends that I felt might be interested. It started off as a hobby then it became an obsession. I loved being the first to know which companies were hiring and would pair it with someone I knew. Friends would tell me to stop because they weren’t looking for a job! I’m always trying to help people grow their career. If someone is in an entry level position, I’m looking for ways they can move up the ladder!  I realized I was passionate about helping people find a better career, but the other person had to be passionate about it, as well. I decided to create The Career Society because I have interviewed so many people over the years, as well as going on several interviews myself! I know what it looks like from both sides and I want to share all of the knowledge I have acquired to help you find the career you’ve been looking for.


Brooklyne is currently an Executive Director in the healthcare industry and enjoys traveling, singing karaoke, and spending time with her loved ones. To connect with Brooklyne, follow The Career Society on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.